Wednesday, 28 August 2013

24/30 Where in the World?


  1. Lovely photo! Dreaming of taking a trip, perhaps?


  2. What a great find the globe is.

    I saw you mention wanting something older looking in keeping with Peggy Sue's age. This being a metal globe I'm not sure if it would work but I've antiqued things with acrylic in Raw Umber. A miniature bookcase I made was decoupaged and then antiqued with watered down raw umber acrylic.

    Barring that, perhaps Raw Umber oil paint would work--it would take days to dry but since it's on a stand this might be doable. Not sure which material would work on metal but I'm sure something would--even a gel wood stain.

    1. Thank you for the suggestions, what a good idea. The frame is plastic, but the globe itself is metal.


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