Monday, 12 August 2013

Peggy Sue 8/30

With the sun shining through the leaves and leaving a dappled pattern on the ground and on the pram, Peggy Sue takes her little doll and Owen for a walk.

Messing around still with different editing features.

She chats away to the two of them about how fun the weather is and has worn her little smocked dress today, having claimed it back off one of the Sasha girls who had borrowed it!

I think I am starting to get used to her new look and haven't tried altering it or 'fixing' it in anyway.

At first I was concerned that they didn't look 'even' but then I thought, nobodies eyes are level or even - you only have to start really looking to realise that.  I sometimes think the little 'reflection' dot isn't quite in the right place but am a little bit frightened to try and change it again.

She is a little sweetie...

Little Owen with her little doll who seems to be enjoying the ride if her smile is anything to go by.


  1. She is a little sweetie & I'm glad you are beginning to get comfortable with her new look. The photos are very sweet. My dollies hope that Santa might bring them a doll buggy for Christmas this year. Your's is very nice. :o)

  2. Funny, I never noticed the dot, a tribute to Peggy Sue's personality. That buggy is fabulous.

    Aha, so she does have a smocked dress already. Maybe she needs two? (Down Judy, down.)

    1. Yes Down Judy down! Stop giving the girl ideas! ;-)

  3. My favorite set of photos of her to date. The pram and dress are perfect for her.


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