Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Cutting down....thinning out....less is more?

Well I am doing it....I am cutting down on my dolls and in the last couple of weeks have said goodbye to 16 dolls.

Toots x 2
Roddy Baby
Rosebud Walker
Wooden Raikes x 2
Cabbage Patch Plastic baby (Charity Shop)
Porcelain doll (Charity Shop)
Reborn Berenguer
American Girl Molly
Disney Doll.
Lati BJD  (Xanthe)
Berenguer baby girl

I still  have a lot that are still looking for homes.  Photos on my 'For Sale' page.

Design a Friend Blonde
Pelham Puppet
Palitoy Walk & Talk - Brunette - SOLD
Palitoy Walk & Talk - Blonde - SOLD
Gotz Little Sister
Period Rag dolls x 2 - SOLD
Lati Lami (?)
Little Fee
Porcelain doll
Palitoy Goldilocks - brown eyes - SOLD
Palitoy Goldilocks - blue eyes
Mini American Girls - x 2 (at least)
American Girls (need to work out who)
Berenguer baby boy - SOLD
Berenguer baby girl - SOLD
White Balloon Sylvia Natterer Toddler - SOLD
Anniversary Action Man
Paola Reina Boy
Les Cheries Chloe
Kathe Kruse Otti - SOLD
Kathe Kruse Utz
Kathe Kruse Ron

Vintage Teddy

Probably still more to sort through!


  1. Wow, a long list and a lot of spcae created already. Which Hitty went on a new adventure?
    Jenni x

    1. Hitty Cherry has gone on a new adventure....nearby to a friend of mine so that is nice :-) A couple of dolls have gone to the charity shop, I have given away a doll, and the rest I have sold....most for peanuts!

  2. You do have such an eye for Beautiful dolls, I know you are making many hearts lighter by sharing them with others - I am so glad Hitty Cherry is nearby and will be able to have adventures with your Hittys
    LuV, TiGGy

    1. Sad to see some of them go, but it is lessening the weight on my shoulders....I need to focus more and keep those more special to me and hopefully these will move on to homes where they are special to someone.


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