Tuesday, 28 October 2014

My Childhood Dolls - Part Three

Here concludes my posts of my dolls from childhood.

The last two larger dolls I have had since childhood are Katie Kopycat and 'Linda' my Palitoy 'Walking Talking' doll.

Both of these dolls I got while still living in England so I would have been under the age of six when I got them.  

Katie is missing her original shoes - I must try and find a pair for her.  Linda is wearing a non-original dress, although I do still have her original dress.  She is also wearing a 'bracelet' my Dad made for her.

Katie has long since lost her desk unfortunately - I don't think it still remains at my Mum and Dad's but maybe I will check next time I am over there visiting them.

I have shown this photo before, of me with my doll, when we lived in Glenfield New Zealand in the 1970s.

Last but by no means least is my little Perfekta doll who also travelled from England to New Zealand with me as a child and then back to England with me as an adult!

I am not sure what she would have worn originally, it has been a very long time since she had her original clothes..

I also remember having a baby doll that my sister drew all over with marker pen...  My Mum spent hours scrubbing and cleaning it all off, in the days before Oxy10!    Not sure what happened to that doll, I believe I may have given her away.

I must take a group photo of these childhood dolls.


  1. Hi Serenata, what a lovely childhood picture :-). Both dolls are very cute, I especially like the face of the largest doll. I don't know any of the dolls you show here, there was so much choice in dolls when we were kids, it's interesting to see which ones other people had :-).

    1. She has a very pretty face doesn't she? Sadly she has some mould damage as well as the chewed hand from when she was put out in the shed on my parents property, but it doesn't show too much fortunately.


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