Saturday, 25 October 2014


The downsizing of my doll collection is going well.  So far 30 dolls have been re-homed.  It is actually quite frightening just 'How Many Dolls' I have got!  All different shapes and sizes that I have been collecting over the past 20 years or so I guess.  Even though so many have been rehomed, it still feels like there is a lot more do sort through.

Sold so far.

Toots x 2
Roddy Baby
Rosebud Walker
Wooden Raikes x 2
Cabbage Patch Plastic baby (Charity Shop)
Porcelain doll (Charity Shop)
Reborn Berenguer
American Girl Molly
Disney Doll.
Lati BJD  (Xanthe)
Berenguer baby girl
Hitty Cherry
Hitty Morag
Palitoy Walk & Talk - Brunette - SOLD
Palitoy Walk & Talk - Blonde - SOLD
Period Rag dolls x 2 - SOLD
Palitoy Goldilocks - brown eyes - SOLD
Berenguer baby boy - SOLD
Berenguer baby girl - SOLD
White Balloon Sylvia Natterer Toddler - SOLD
Kathe Kruse Otti - SOLD
Kathe Kruse Utz - SOLD
Les Cheries Chloe - SOLD
Kidz n Cats Camille - SOLD
Kidz n Cats Alistair - SOLD

I don't think I will feel any regrets....possibly with the KnC, but even then I am not sure I will, I have decided to keep four of my six KnC.  Bobby (Bobo), Hamish (Robby), Amy (Nikola) & Elle (Henriette)

I still  have a lot that are still looking for homes.  Photos on my 'For Sale' page.

Design a Friend Blonde - SOLD
Pelham Puppet - SOLD

Gotz Little Sister - SOLD

Pukifee - SOLD

Lati Lami (?) - thinking I might keep this little one for now. SOLD

Little Fee - SOLD

Porcelain doll

Palitoy Goldilocks - blue eyes
Mini American Girls - x 2 (at least)
American Girls (need to work out who)
Tressy - SOLD

Anniversary Action Man - SOLD
Paola Reina Boy - SOLD
Kathe Kruse Ron - SOLD

Vintage Teddy

Probably still more to sort through!

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