Monday, 27 October 2014

My Childhood Dolls - Part Two

Along with Barbie and Skipper another teenage fashion doll I had as a child was 'Tressy'.  I must have been younger than six years old when I got her as I remember getting her when I was still living in England which we left when I was six years old.   She was a brunette second issue/edition Tressy with eyes that looked straight ahead.  No one had one in New Zealand at the time, although eventually I met one friend who had a blonde Tressy.  I had mine right through until I was 16 years of age when we moved home.  When we arrived to our new home - we moved ourselves, packing all our furnture, boxes etc...on the back of an open deck work truck of my Dad's  I discovered that one of my boxes was missing.  It included my favourite dressing gown, and Tressy.  I can't remember what other items it contained, but these two remain firmly entrenched in my memory.  I am pretty sure my Dad back tracked to see if he could find the missing box but we never did find it.  I am not sure if any other things were lost along the way.  Anyway I still had her key and her Fairie Glen Wedding dress.

Fast forward many years and I was back living in England and home educating my oldest son.  I had just bought a book for him off Ebay and discovered the seller also had Tressy dolls and a website and yahoo group - which I promptly joined.   I made some great friends on that group and we had a fun time - and yes I ended up collecting Tressy dolls in my quest to find my 'childhood' doll.  I never achieved this goal and several years ago sold most of my collection.  I have very recently sold all but one of the Tressy dolls I kept.  While searching up prices I found 'my' doll.   Sure I had bought ones very similar to her in the past, but when I went through them while selling them a few years ago none were 'quite right'.  Anyway, I discovered the seller was one of the friends I had made on the group all those years ago.  I bought the doll and now have a replacement for 'MY' childhood doll.  She is so similar in every way, that despite my thoughts a while ago about not being able to replace special childhood toys, which I still believe, there is a certain satisfaction in discovering one VERY similar. I will keep the one other Tressy I have for now - she is a blonde first edition and reminds me a little of my friend Beverly's doll.   It is almost like 'two friends' being reunited.  They will have each others company.  

Her 'arrival' photo.

I spent sometime going through my collection of Tressy clothing today - I need to decide what to keep and what to sell on.  I am thinking I will sell the mint in box/package clothing and keep the rest.  

I dressed her in an outfit I made years ago.  It was fun and I think I am going to enjoy rediscovering 'my' doll.

I think she is lovely!

Below is a photo of the 1st Issue blonde Palitoy Tressy that I have decided to keep for now.  She is all I have left of my rather larger Tressy collection.

I need to find the poor girl some shoes!


Oh and some good news, I have found some new arms for Skipper!


  1. Hi, it's great that you found this doll :-). Her face is different from the Tressy dolls we see here usually. Is she perhaps a doll only made for New Zealand? The blonde doll's face is the more common face here (Belgium).

    1. Hi, sorry I probably wasn't very clear sorry. I got her when living in England - She is a Palitoy Tressy, 2nd Issue, and was made in England.

    2. Sorry forgot to also say, thank you for visiting me and leaving a comment - I am just about to explore you wonderful looking blog.

    3. Hi thank you! I thinks she's very pretty :-). Thank you also for following my blog, welcome and I hope you enjoy it :-).


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