Friday, 17 October 2014

Jacko the Monkey - Take Two!

It seems they are just like wait for ages and then suddenly two come along in very quick succession.

So quite unexpectedly I had the opportunity to purchase a Jacko that I believed was just like MY Jacko.  Would I be right this time I wondered?

I thought carefully, asked a few questions and went for the, Jacko Two arrived.  Yes ANOTHER, but this time I hoped I had 'got it right'.

I had a giggle with the postman this morning when he knocked on the door and said 'the poor fellow's feet are cold'!    You could see Jacko's feet as the paper had ripped.  Fortunately he was well bubble wrapped so it wasn't a complete disaster  UNLIKE a later delivery this morning - but that is another story yet to be told.

So with a little bit of apprehension I unwrapped Jacko Two, would he be like I expected?  

I held his hand - YES that felt exactly right, unlike Jacko One, when I felt his hand I instinctively knew something was wrong.   Funny how these latent memories are there ready to be revived at a touch.

I looked at his hair...YES the same hair as MY Jacko and definitely different to Jacko One.  His outfit was the same - trousers and white cuffs round the sleeves of his top.  He seems to be the same generation as my Jacko so I am pleased.

His clothes on a whole are in lovely condition for his age - cleaner than I expected, although his fur arms are grubby, and the 'fur' is more 'fragile' than Jacko One, but this is partly because I do believe he is both older and made of a different type of material.

Comparison photos of the two Jackos.

Jacko Two & Jacko One

Jacko Two's left hand

Jacko One's left hand.

Jacko Two's right hand - and it is this one that you can especially see and feel the difference.  More curved - perfect for hanging from a door frame - which is what my Jacko used to do!

Jacko One's right  hand - more open but with a ridge on his fingers.

Face of Jacko Two - here you can also see his hair - it is kind of longer and more 'hair like' rather than fur fabric like Jacko One below.

Both his eyes and Jacko One's eyes have a white coating on the lids and eyes which does clean off to an extent - I have since tried, and hopefully with a bit more work it will come off completely.  Not sure what it is, but seeing as they both have it I guess it is something to do with age.

His face paint is better as well. It is more worn on Jacko One.

Jacko One - more 'fur fabric' type head.  His ears are more lopsided as well.

Close up of the different head coverings. - Jacko Two

Jacko One.

The photo of them together - you can see the differences in their outfits.  Similar, but not quite the same with Jacko Two wearing trousers over pink legs.  I am assuming that Jacko One on the right was a later version and they simplified the manufacturing process and hence made his trousers as his legs as well.  

So my quest to replace my childhood Jacko is complete...I had thought I wouldn't attempt to do so, but then the curiosity of thinking about it got the better of me.  How will I feel about these two guys in a month, six months, a year down the track who knows...if I remember at a later date I will let you know!  

In the meantime they have since had their feet, hands and faces cleaned.  I wish I knew how to clean the fur fabric - on Jacko Two's arms especially as they are a bit grubby, but so far I have no idea. 


  1. It is interesting to compare the differences between the two Jacko's you have tracked down, I'm glad you've found one which seems to be similar to your original Jacko, time will tell what you feel about him (and his younger brother) as a 'replacement' for your monkey.

    1. It was interesting to compare them, I had never realised they did different versions (I knew they did different colours) until I bought the first and realised he 'wasn't right'. So far I am very enamoured by my second one - who is so much like my original. He feels 'right'. Yes, I am probably mad, my poor husband thinks I have regressed.....

    2. I was never allowed one. Mum thought them creepy, but I used to hope Father Christmas would over-rule her!

    3. I believe Jacko was bought for me when I was born...possibly by my Nan & Pop, apparently as a baby I was scared of him, but grew to love him immensely. I must check with Dad, who actually bought him for me and when.

      Shame on Father Christmas for not over ruling your Mum!


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