Sunday, 26 October 2014

My Childhood Dolls - Part One

Sorting through the doll collection is much like doing a stock take.  I am having a good look at who I have and what they mean to me.  As I was doing this I thought I would do a series of posts of dolls from my childhood and other dolls I am keeping and what they mean to me.

Some of the dolls that at this stage I will be keeping are:

My skipper doll collection. 

I remember when I got my first Skipper doll.  We were living in Glenfield in New Zealand and she came to me in a basket with a lot of clothes, all of which I still have and some of which were original Skipper clothes.  So I know she was second hand when she came to me.  I really loved my little Skipper doll and remember many happy hours playing with her.  Unfortunately when I left home she was left in a toy box and she got chewed by some puppies!  So I am on the look out for a new arm for her.  I did buy a Malibu Skipper with the sole intent of transplanting an arm, but felt she was 'too good' to do such a thing...really I need a more damaged Skipper with a good arm to do such a thing.  It is quite a few years though since I last looked so maybe I should look again. 

Skipper Best Buy Fashion #8610 from 1972

For a while as an adult (started during a search for an arm!) I collected these dolls and this is my Skipper Doll collection.

The nurses uniform, the bikini and the yellow dress are clothes from my childhood. as are the few pieces below.

The green dress is: Skipper Best Buy Fashion #9125 from 1975


My Barbie Dolls.

I've never really collected Barbie dolls, much preferring the Skipper, as they reminded me more of my childhood, although I still do have my childhood Barbie, who arrived new not long after Skipper if my memory serves me correctly.

My barbie is on the right in her swim suit - she has greening on her face and pieced ears which have also greened!  Oh dear.....  Not sure how I came about her 'twin' sister, but I think she arrived when I got some of the Skipper dolls.  I do remember wanting 'Super Star Barbie' when she came out and was very excited to hear my Dad tell my Mum that he had got the 'SB' one year just before Christmas....turns out he got me a skateboard instead - a blue one!  After the initial disappointment I was actually thrilled with my new skateboard and had many an enjoyable time on it - oh and a fair few spills and scrapes as well. They chose correctly!

I have three boxed barbies.  One is my Graduation Barbie, who yes I got when I graduated with my BA Mus (Hons) .   The second I think my MIL gave me for Christmas one year, and I am not sure how the Anniversary Barbie came into my possession.

I did have more, but I sold them a few years ago.


My Pippa Dolls

Some other little dolls I have from my childhood are my Pippa dolls.

Dancing Tammie on the left, Pippa, my sisters Pippa in the dress and one I found in a charity shop last year.  She didn't have any clothes when I found her, but fortunately I had a spare set for her.

So that is 20 dolls so far in my 'To Keep' collection.

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