Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A Walk in the Woods

The morning was bright with not a soul in sight and although destined for school, she decided to risk giving it a miss in favour of spending time in the Bluebell Woods, for surely that is more important than being stuck inside...where things can stagnate...no scent to arouse the senses and no natural images to stir the mind and its imagination.

She arrives...

What's that?  

She turns to make sure she is not being followed

She listens for a while

It seems it was just the breeze 

and so she continues on

She is mindful how she goes to not crush any Bluebells.

Time to just sit and inhale and to enjoy the scent, sight and sound of being...

...surrounded in a sea of blue.

Her journey continues...

...her imagination works overtime.

She rests against the trunk of a tree

feeling grounded 

and at one with nature

Time to move on

Another tree to climb..

and sit upon.

Just listening and being

Enjoying her time outside.


  1. That cardigan is perfect for a stroll through a field of bluebells!

    1. I was really pleased with the cardigan - I knitted it a couple of years ago - I was experimenting with a pattern but it didn't fit the dolls I had...I just knew it would fit someone one day! It finally got buttons! It was a little chilly so a cardigan was needed.

  2. You are very lucky to have each other...and she is lucky that you understand the importance of being with nature and not stuck in a stuffy classroom!

    Her outfit is perfect: pleated skirt, white blouse, cardigan sweater...I love it all :-)



    1. Thank you Beth. I actually home-educated my older son for five years so we had lots of days exploring nature amongst other wonderful activities - I think it is partly what has made him so successful today and so interested in travel and foreign cultures. (He is a navigator on cruise ships)


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