Friday, 20 May 2016

Flowers on Friday and a friend comes round to play.

Ruby explores the garden.  She is delighted to see the 'transplanted' forget-me-nots are thriving.

She is wearing a newly designed by myself sweater.

The rhododendrons are lovely and she is amazed at their beauty

May Flower also wanted her photo taken with the rhododendrons.

As did sweet Peggy Sue!

Peggy Sue had her friend Princess Addison round to play this afternoon.

She showed her the flowers

Princess Addison enjoyed the swing!

Look more forget-me-nots Peggy Sue! Princess Addison said.

The two girls enjoyed their time playing together.


  1. May Flower among the May flowers? Perfect :)

  2. The dolls and spring flowers (especially the small scale flowers) are beautiful together, I love this time of year when every flowering thing is bursting forth after winter gloom. Your knitting is great too. I see Peggy Sue is keeping her pearls in place, is she still looking out for that pink car and chauffeur I wonder.


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