Sunday, 1 May 2016

Sewing on Sunday

I have had a very productive couple of days sewing - I have eight Sasha dresses now to hem - I hand sew the hems generally.  I also have three shirts to sew buttons on and then the oh so dreaded sewing on of 'snaps/poppers' .  I really don't enjoy that part - does anyone like sewing on snaps/poppers?  

It has been a good day - thanks to my muse.  So it only seemed right that she got a new dress as well.  

I wanted to try and new pattern so I used some fabric I had in my stash that I had plenty of and that I didn't regard as 'special' as I wanted to make sure of the fit first.  It worked out pretty well so I will now have a hunt for something special for her.

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  1. Lovely dress and fabric; and I'm with you, I don't like snaps! I usually go for thread loops and buttons. They take a bit more time, but I like them a lot better :-)




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