Friday, 27 May 2016


I thought I would post a picture of my three handmade dolls.

May Flower, Alice and Patsy

Peggy Sue has been out in the garden today.

Peggy Sue is delighted about how well her flower wheelbarrow is growing!

How does YOUR garden grow? 


  1. Always love your garden photos, but it's doubly true for me today, since we're in the midst of a month-long rainy season (which I'm sure the garden loves, but it's just not great for photos), so I'm living vicariously through yours! :)

    1. Thank you. The garden is looking really lovely at the moment - it is finally starting to come together and of course Spring weather helps.

      Hope the rainy season doesn't last much longer for you!

    2. Three delightful doll, Lorraine :-) And I always love to see Peggy Sue...I love her dress and her garden.

      My garden is slowly coming along...some I've had to reseed, and I finally broke down and bought two cherry tomato plants.

      Enjoy the day!


  2. Your dolls are so cute! And Peggy Sues wheel barrow garden is beautiful! It's growing nicely!


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