Saturday, 7 May 2016

May Flower

Today was a sit outside type of day, so armed with a bag of stuffing, needle and thread, I set to finally finishing my first cloth doll that I two years ago I guess.

Here she is made up...

She hopes she doesn't have to wait the same length of time for features and hair.

Fortunately she didn't, although she is not too sure about the hair at this stage. 

She enjoyed exploring the garden.

Admiring the flowers, and pointing out that the grass needed to be strimmed!

Sitting amongst the Forget-me-nots.


  1. Lorraine, she is delightful! Wonderful red pigtails, and a look of curiosity. I can tell she likes the forget-me-nots as much as I do :-)

    1. Oh she does love the Forget-me-nots as much as you Beth :-) Thank you for your lovely compliments.

  2. What a fun project! She looks much more solid than a lot of the cloth dolls I see, which is brilliant. :)

    1. Thank you, she did turn out fun in the end. I can't wait to make her some things now...although she might have to wait for a couple of weeks before I can start. Yes she is quite solid and has flat soles so can stand.


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