Sunday, 8 May 2016

Sunny Sunday in the Garden.

I just love days like we have been having...the sun is shining and it is lovely and warm.  Perfect for spending time in the garden.  

Norma Jean enjoys her time in the garden and thinks the flowers are so pretty.

Anne-Marie spends some time reading a favourite book.

May Flower, just enjoys sitting by the tree.

I finished a dress last night - it was a pattern for a Les Cheries doll.

It fits Clara well, but I prefer slightly shorter dresses on her, so I will make another that is shorter.

She looks so pretty in this colour - fortunately I believe I have enough yarn left to make another.

Miss Still Waiting to be Officially Named tries on the is not a bad fit for her either.

I like that I can use patterns for Les Cheries for this girl - it means with slightly alterations I have more patterns available to make her things.

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  1. The weather on Sunday was an absolute gift and it looks like you and the dolls had a lovely day in the sunshine.


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