Saturday, 19 November 2016

Teddy Bears Picnic

I thought it might be fun to introduce the Teddy Bears that live here at Rose Cottage.  I have had teddy bears since I was a baby and still have my childhood panda, Peter, although he is a little worse for wear!  On Saturday's I am going to post some teddy bear pictures and write a little about them.

These are some of the small teddies that live here.  These keep us company in the dining room and live in this little 'cubby hole' in the dresser/wall unit.

Come on guys, face the front!

There that is better.

These four are the newest teddies and they have been here for only the last year I guess.

From left to right: Knitty, Honey, Valentine and Fuzz.  The are made by a Sasha friend, Lesley Shaw.

'Puzzle' is a Bramber Bear and came to me second hand via Evilbay.  He has been here about three years now I think. 

Bobby the puppy is also a 'Bramber Bear' and has been here about four years.

Little Jay is also a Bramber Bear and arrived in 2013.  

A little Hermann bear, currently with no name.

Lucille is another Bramber bear, and she just loves the outdoors.  She was given to me by a friend at the 2013 Sasha Festival I went to in the USA

Another little 'no name' bear.  

Both these two above have been here a number of years.

Rupert was a Wedding Anniversary present and was given to me by my husband in 2009.  He is a 'Vintage Magpie' creation and was made by a lady whose blog I used to follow.

This lovely teddy was my Nan's and is simply known as 'Nan's Ted'  He is very special.  I have no idea how old he is, or what make, but I believe he has mohair (?) fur and wood wool stuffing.

I have a big fondness for pandas, probably as my first ever teddy was one, and so have quite a few.

This is 'Mussel' and he was adopted at the Hatfield Craft Fair in 2002.

If anyone else wants to join in sharing their Teddy Bears, then let me know and I will see if I can work out how to set up one of those 'linky doo dah' things.  

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  1. So cute! They look like a lovely little bunch and I loved seeing all the different kinds you have and what brands they are. I love that they keep you company in the dining room. :)


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