Saturday, 26 November 2016

Tilly (Matilda) A Girl for All Time.

A year ago I bought Matilda, the Tudor 'A Girl for All Time' .  She was a bargain at £20 and thought, why not?  She then languished in her box for a year as I really wasn't sure whether or not to keep her. Anyway, the day before Peggy Sue's birthday I decided to open her, having heard that some friends who had bought her from the same seller had discovered she had some staining from her clothes. Fortunately there was just a little staining on her top petticoat and a tiny mark on one of her legs, which I am pretty sure will come off with some Oxy 10 in the summer time.  Nothing to be concerned about.

She is packaged quite nicely.

Freed from her box, I like the outfit, but wasn't particularly wanting her as a 'Period' doll, so her clothes promptly came off (also because of staining issues)

She is quite different from the rest of my dolls.

Of course I had to set to work promptly to make her a dress for Peggy Sue's birthday party.

She looks a little unsure and apprehensive.

I was pleased to discover she fits Sasha shoes.

After the party was over I knitted her a dress for December.

I especially like this on her.

Admiring my Christmas Cactus/Succulent.

I think she looks older than most of my other dolls.  

I have called her Tilly as I already have a Matilda (Australian Girl Doll)


  1. Tilly is quite lovely...I like that she has her own unique look!

    1. She certainly does doesn't she?! I am enjoying her, it is nice to have someone a little different.


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