Sunday, 20 November 2016

Peggy Sue writes a letter.

It was suggested to Peggy Sue that she write to Reuben with the measurements for a bookcase and that he might be able to help her as he has access to tools and wood.  She was pleased to see that her desk had been moved into her room for that purpose as she wanted to practice her typewriting skills.

Hmmm...what shall I write?  She thinks to herself.

Fortunately Little Owen is on hand to help and advise her...

You start the letter 'Dear Reuben'.  He tells her.

Peggy Sue has only recently been learning to type so she is quite slow and careful.

Dear Reuben,

Please would you be able to help me build a bookcase?  Or maybe you are cleverer enough to build one yourself.  My biggest book is 8.5 cm tall by 7 cm and my smallest book is 5.5 cm tall by 4.5 cm.  I was thinking about three shelves, perhaps with a smaller shelf for the littler books on top and a larger shelf for the taller ones at the bottom...

Do you think that makes sense Owen?  She asks.

He hopes it does.  But explains to her that it doesn't really matter as long as the shelves are big enough for the largest books she has.

She continues her letter to Reuben..

I am sad you couldn't come to my 'real birthday party' this year, but perhaps you could attend the virtual one.  Mummy said that your Mummy is very very busy at the moment, so that is okay if you can't.  I am sure we can meet up again sometime and maybe I could save you a piece of cake.

Little Owen doesn't like to let her know that the cake won't keep...  but he is sure they could make another cake for another time.

Peggy Sue continues to work away at her letter to get it ready to send off on Monday morning.


  1. Such a cute story and Peggy Sue, your room rocks...everything about it is so wonderful right down to the plush rug! Love you, dear

  2. I hope she remembered to put how much space she has for her bookcase in her room.


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