Tuesday, 22 November 2016


What are you doing Peggy Sue?  Asks Little Owen

I'm measuring.  Peggy Sue tells him.

Measuring what?  Little Owen asks.

My books of course!  She replies.

They are about this high.  

She demonstrates with her hands.

And this wide.  But the tape measure keeps getting all tangled up!

I need to work out how big against my wall...

Do I want it high? She ponders as she looks at the wall.

I don't think so.  Little Owen tells her.

Little Owen helps her measure the wall...

Although she still seems to be in a bit of a ponder about just how tall she wants it.

He tells her she should have it about 25cm tall and about 20 cm wide...that way she can display some of her ornaments or toys on top of it.

They work out the measurements together and later on Peggy

Looking at the state of her bedroom, I think she will have to do some tidying before her birthday party tomorrow as well!

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  1. The colors in her dress suit her so nicely. I can see how a bookcase would help straighten up her room.


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