Thursday, 24 November 2016

A Different Kind of Swap - Received.

Last month a friend and I had our only little swap.  I wrote about what I sent her over on my Hitty blog 'A Different Kind of Swap

I received my wonderful swap parcel at the end of last month.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the parcel to discover this wonderful girl inside.

She is based on the character in this story.

Helene is tormented by her peers and cruelly bullied.  She finds comfort in reading Jane Eyre and befriending a little fox.

Beth has made such an amazing gift box for Helene and her fox.  She came wearing her pretty dress and dancing slippers, a hat and scarf, trousers (pants), two little sweaters and another pair of shoes.  The most wonderful crochet blanket and a wall hanging.  So much work and such attention to detail.

Helene enjoyed venturing out in the garden today.

Yes her little fox joined her as well.

Thank you for a wonderful swap Beth.  


  1. Oh my word, she is gorgeous. What a lovely swap gift to received.

  2. Dear Lorraine,

    Thank you so very much for such lovely images of Helene and her fox! I know they are in hands that will love them, as I loved giving them to you.

    Today is Thanksgiving day here in the states, and I must say how thankful I am for your friendship, and the beautifully carved doll and wardrobe I received from you. Blessings to you!




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