Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Peggy Sue's Birthday - In the morning...

Peggy Sue went to bed quite early last night...

Is it morning yet?  She kept asking Little Owen, who was trying to get some sleep...

Eventually... Wake Up Peggy Sue, it is morning time!  

Peggy Sue gives a big yarn.

Puts on her dressing gown as it is cold in the mornings now.

Come and get some breakfast.  Little Owen suggests.

After breakfast Peggy Sue returns to her room to find two new dresses hanging on her wardrobe.

Oh, oh!  She gasps.

Are these for me?

They are so pretty!  She says.

Now which one shall I try on first?

She sits pondering for a while...

Peggy Sue does a twirl...

What do you think of this one Little Owen?  She asks.

You look very pretty in it.  He tells her.

She then tries on the other one.

What about this one?  Peggy Sue asks.

You lovely in this as well.  He replies.

I do think this one looks like Candyfloss and is just perfect for a party!  Peggy Sue decides.

What do you think?

You look lovely.

Peggy Sue is ready for her guests to arrive!

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