Monday, 10 December 2012

A coat and hat for Peggy Sue

I finished the coat and hat last night, and it just had to be for Peggy Sue, it suits her perfectly I think and fits well too.

I just love it on her.

I trimmed the hat with a navy blue ribbon and a vintage button

I think I will probably change the buttons on her coat when I find the right ones.

I do love this girl, she really has something I think.

I do think though that she may have replacement hands, they just don't quite look right to me, a bit too basic...I will have to do a photo comparison.  I didn't realise when I bought her, or even when she arrived but comparing her I think that they probably aren't her original hands, which is a bit sad and I wish they were, but still it shows that she must have been loved enough for someone to make new ones for her.

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  1. Oh, she looks wonderful in her new coat & hat! The color is perfect on her!
    I can tell she is filling a special place in your heart.
    About her hands, I really can't see them well enough to tell. But at least she has both hands. Sally does, but is missing part of a pinkie. It doesn't bother me in the least, though.


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