Sunday, 30 December 2012

Ponies, Sweaters & Cavies!

I found Peggy Sue quietly playing with her Christmas ponies this morning.  She is deciding what to call them. They remind me of the ponies in the New Forest, or Brumbies from stories I used to read as a child.


Jacob has finally received his new sweater that I had been promising to make him, so that is one more thing ticked off my 'To Make' list.

It is a heavily modified pattern which I forgot to make notes as I went along, so will be interesting if I can repeat it at some stage!

He seems quite happy with it...

and tries out some of his 'moves'!  

Now for something different.

I have had guinea pigs since I was 7 years old, keeping them as pets, then to exhibit at shows and breed in New Zealand in my early twenties, again just as pets in my late twenties when I came to England to live and then in my late thirties, early forties to show and exhibit again until my Chronic pain problems put paid to that as it was too much work and I could no longer drive long distances.  I still keep what I call my 'old folks' though, and also board cavies for people when they go on holiday.  I have a website here  which really needs updating and something I must do very soon.  This shows some of the lovely piggies I have had and some of which we still have in their 'retirement'.  So I guess you could say I am a real fan of the lovely little animals and as such when I saw these...

the other day, how could I walk by?

Welcome to the family!

Now as for names they are still a work in progress they are either going to be called:

Geraldine, Gilbert, Gertrude & Georgie Guinea Pig


Clover, Chive, Cherry & Cosmos Cavy.

They will be living at Camellia Crescent, once their house has been built.


  1. I love Peggy Sue's ponies and also Jacob's sweater. Looks like he loves it too!

    Your cavey family is adorable! Are they Sylvanian?


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