Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Presents - Quite a surprise!

The girls had a lovely Christmas

Peggy Sue was delighted to find a little box of crayons in her stocking

Melody, her little bear, takes a closer look

Peggy Sue will enjoy drawing and colouring in with these as she does so like to draw pictures.

As well as the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that Anne-Marie received she also had rather a surprise present.

They say great minds think alike and I had to have a little laugh to myself when I read Rosey's post here about what she got for Anne-Marie got exactly the same present!

What is in this black shaped box? Anne-Marie wonders...

Wow!  She exclaims.  A violin!

Without further ado, Anne-Marie gets it out of the case and with intense concentration attempts to hold and play it like she has seen other musicians do...

Trouble is it is not as easy as it looks... Ouch! exclaim Peggy Sue and Melody.  What is that horrible screeching sound?

It is NOT a horrible sound.  I think it is going to be lovely.  Anne-Marie says back to Peggy Sue.  

Perhaps it might be a good idea to have a look at the book first Anne-Marie and we will get you some lessons as well.

Lessons?  Asks Anne-Marie...Does that mean hard work? 

Well yes it does sweetheart, but anything worth doing is hard work and it will be worth it in the end when you can make and play enjoyable music.  Plus Rosey is going to be having lessons at the same time so if and when you ever get to meet each other you will be able to play duets together.

Anne-Marie likes the idea that Rosey is going to be having lessons as well, even if they are too far away from each other to have lessons together.  They will be able to keep in touch with each other to check on their progress.  What a surprise it was to find out that Rosey got a violin for her Christmas present as well!


  1. Your dolls are sweethearts! This story is so cute and you've got a great eye for details.
    Wherever did you get such small crayons from?

  2. LOL! This is precious! Lovely gifts and wonderful photography! I especially love the one with Peggy Sue holding her ears! Too cute!


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