Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Hayden meets Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue comes across a strange little girl....

Hey there who are you?  She asks.

I'm Hayden.  I've come to stay for a week.  The girl replies.

But what ARE you? Where are you from?  Peggy Sue asks?  You don't look like me....and you don't look like Henry or Stevie.

I am a Makie.  Hayden explains.  I come from the Makie Lab. in London.  

Oh, I came from the USA originally.  Peggy Sue tells Hayden.

Peggy Sue kneels down.

Pleased to meet you she says.

Very pleased to make your acquaintance Miss Peggy Sue.  Hayden says as she shakes Peggy Sue's hand.

A short while later, Little Owen has joined them as Hayden explains how she came about.

There was much description

and demonstration.

I am not sure Peggy Sue quite understands  the process...she looks to Little Owen who looks equally bemused....

In the end she just can't quite help herself and bursts out laughing.

Hayden joins in, seeing that it must be hard for Peggy Sue to understand 'Modern Technology'  in fact she admits she doesn't really understand any of the 'ologies'  

Peggy Sue decides to show Hayden some of her moves...

They end up dancing together

having a great old time.

Hayden is thrilled, she thinks they are going to have some fun together this week.


  1. Very cute!

    And I love these two dolls together - you couldn't get much more of a contrast, but that just makes the photos more brilliant!

    1. You certainly couldn't! Pretty much 100 years difference in age!

  2. Well Hayden and Peggy Sue are certainly getting on well, despite the vast difference in age.

    1. They certainly are....Hayden goes home tomorrow and I think Peggy Sue is going to miss her.

    2. Don't worry, Peggy Sue - you'll be getting another small visitor fairly soon! - Jocelyn

    3. Oh yippee! love Peggy Sue...


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