Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I thought I would do a series of posts on various dolls that I will be keeping and why, or what they mean to me.

When I was a child I had a Sindy doll - 1973 Funtime Sindy with the skirt.   I did have one a few years back that I bought when I was collecting teenage dolls, but sold her.   Late last year I found another very much like my original doll and had an Ebay voucher so decided to spend it on her.   She was missing her skirt and shoes though....but I hoped that eventually I would find those for her.   

Here she is when she arrived.

She is by no means perfect, but not bad for her age!  

I am sure mine didn't look as immaculate as this girl before she moved on to a new home!  I think she was given away when I was in my late teens.

Eventually I found a set for her - I did have to buy the swimsuit as well, but will sell that on as I have kept her wearing her original swimsuit as I think it goes with the skirt better as it has the little orange stripe at the top which lines up with the orange in the swimsuit.

I am not sure whether I plan to get any more fashions for her, or if I will keep her as she is, or maybe sew for her.  I want to keep my spending to a minimum this year so it will have to be something special if I do buy anything.   

A little bit of nostalgia.

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