Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Peggy Sue is surprised.

When Peggy Sue learnt that Aunty Jocelyn was coming round today she expected to see some of her Sasha cousins....

So you can imagine her surprise when confronted with....

these two girls!

But where are my Sasha cousins she asks?

Oh them!  Wee Edith (on the left) explains....  I left them at home today as it was MY turn to come visiting!  

So who are you?   Peggy Sue asks the other small person.

I'm Wren.  The small person tells her.   I have come to live with you, and Wee Edith is visiting.

Peggy Sue looks slightly bemused by her small visitors...


Peggy Sue gets formally introduced to her visitor Wee Edith.

Hello Peggy Sue

Pleased to meet you.

Wee Edith telling Peggy Sue all about her pony and how she feels all alone among her Sasha sisters, as she is the only one who is 'different.


Wren's arrival photos will be in another post.

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