Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The New Year - Dolls that will be looking for New Homes.

Thinking about this New Year and the changes that we will be working towards means that I am still re-evaluating the dolls I have left.   We are hoping a big move will be on the horizon, and this means we have to think about what we can take with us and what we can't.  As much as I would like to take all my dolls, and sewing machines, and teddy bears, and books, and....well the list goes on, the simple fact is that it just won't be possible.

So the next on my list to think carefully about are:

Kidz n Cats Limited Edition Henriette.  

 I only have four KnC dolls now, two girls and two boys, having sold Camille and Alistair last year.  The two boys I have left I definitely want to keep - they interact well with my Gregor dolls and stories.  However, the girls I really don't do anything with.  I occasionally change their clothes but that is about it.  In fact I am not even sure they have had more than one clothes change in the last year!

So here she is for me to think about and assess....  her arrival photos

Her first Christmas portraits

Colourful winter warmth.

A difficult decision as she is really pretty.


Next up is Les Cheries Clara.  She is definitely going to look for a new home.

She is a little cutie, but I have done nothing with her, apart from making a couple of outfits.


Paola Reina Cristi is already Sale Pending and will be leaving for her new home in the next day or two.

Another sweet girl who really hasn't had the attention she deserves here.


Next up, yes, believe it or not is my little Lati Lami girl Poppy.  Despite doing the photo a day with her, and enjoying it, I have decided she really needs to find a home that appreciates these ball jointed dolls more than me!

She will come with spare hands, clothes, her teddy etc....


Still looking for new homes are:

This rather unusual vintage teddy (wood wool filled head)  


Pelham Puppet Gypsy Girl


This gorgeous Stupsi boy who comes mint in his original box.


There will be more!

Oh and then there are the Dolls Houses.....

It is a daunting project...not just on the doll front, but everything as a whole!


  1. Hi Serenata, good luck with the selling! It's not always easy to decide which dolls go and which ones stay is it, for me my intuition has always been right so far when it comes to selling dolls. And a move is exciting too, and a good reason to optimize your collections :-).

    1. Thank you Night Owl

      I have only regretted selling two dolls in the past and I was fortunate enough to be able to buy both those back!

      It is getting harder now as the dolls (especially Henriette and Lati Lami) are so lovely, but I feel that if they are not being enjoyed like they should be, then it is time for them to move on. But I won't rush, I can take my time.

  2. taking your time is a good plan - you will know when it is right.


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