Sunday, 25 January 2015


I finished sewing a dress I was making for the Sasha girls today...I had made a similar dress last year, but sold it, and wanted one to keep.  

Seems Peggy Sue had other ideas about it being for Sasha and claimed it for herself!

Giving a sneaky view of the matching pantaloons.

Wistfully looking out at the garden....too cold out there to go barefoot.

Antique look.

Of course every self respecting girl must also have an elephant if she is going to wear a dress with elephants on it!

Peggy Sue loves her elephant who is almost as old as she is.


  1. Quite right Peggy Sue - you claim the lovely elephant dress, it suits you beautifully.

    1. She is a little minx! But I have to agree it suits her beautifully.

  2. How nice that her elephant friend matches her so well!

  3. I love the way that print works on that dress!

    And how fabulous that you have an elephant to keep her company and match her outfit! :)


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