Friday, 23 January 2015

Sewing for Schoenhuts

I received this book in the post the other day - a kind gift from Marijke in Canada and one that is very much appreciated.

I thought I would try one of the patterns....I should probably have done a mock up dress first as I discovered once made there were a few issues with the pattern which really had I thought while making up the dress I would realised and amended before cutting out and sewing up.

The cuffs were too small, so I had to undo them and put poppers on, but that is okay.  As it turns out I am not happy with the pleating - I think the pattern called for the pleats to be too wide and in future dresses I will make them closer together. 

I like how the sleeves turned out on a whole though and with the right fabric combinations I think they could look pretty good.

Peggy Sue is quite happy with the dress which is the main thing.

Can I come in now, it is freezing out here?


  1. Perhaps if the front centre pleat was inverted? They could be smaller, definitely. I did warn that the patterns were somewhat rough....

    1. Yes quite possibly....I just made the dress straight from the pattern...normally I would try fit and think about it more carefully but just wanted to sew! That will teach me. But I am really pleased with the book and the ideas I will be able to get from it. A friend has a boy arriving next week, so we will probably try making something for him. :-) Thanks again for the book!


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