Sunday, 11 January 2015

A Makie Doll comes to stay.

I have been interested in the Makie dolls for some time, they are produced here in London and this is another of the things I like about them and the idea of supporting a 'home grown' company.   I have designed a couple so far, but can never quite bring myself to actually go all the way to purchasing one.   A friend recently bought one for herself and said if I like I can have her Makie doll stay for a few days to see what I think.  I will do a full review at the end of the week of my thoughts and conclusions.

Today as the weather is dry Hayden decided to do some exploring in the garden.

She has found a small fern still soldiering away in the pond area.

Don't fall in!


First impressions are how light she is, and the fact that she holds poses well and despite the lightness seems very sturdy.  Because I like to take my dolls out and about with me and write stories on their adventures, pose-ability and the keeping of poses is very important to me.  So far this is something that this doll seems very good at.


  1. Wow, I love the balance in those final 3 photos!

    I ordered a Makie last spring and was happy with him - the clothes and wig were a big weak, but the doll itself was brilliant. I passed that doll along to a friend but I'm thinking of designing/ordering another one for myself now.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment...I have just been and had a look at your two blog posts on your boy. I had heard that the clothes weren't anything special, but that is okay as I can always sew something if I decide to actually make the plunge!

  2. She does balance excellent! Great pictures, and I look forward to your review.


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