Monday, 18 January 2016

A quick review of Ai Phylica

Finally a doll ordered last year - I thought it was just the Hitty girl I was waiting on, but I forgot this doll was also ordered last year.  She got held to ransom with customs...sigh  £4 fee plus an £8 handling fee!  Not a lot granted, but still added too much more to the price of the doll.

Any my curiousity got the better of me with these dolls and as they were so cheap compared to say a Lati or Pukifee, which I have had but sold on, I thought I would get one for myself.  The original one I had been thinking about for a couple of months suddenly doubled in price so I had to look again.  In the end I settled on 'Phylica'.  All these dolls are named after plants - or at least that is my understanding.  

They arrive in a lovely sturdy presentation box.

Beautifully presented she comes with a little teddy, hat and some eye putty.

Here she is fresh out of the box - a tiny petite little girl.

I took off all her clothes - very well made, the dress and hat do up with a little hook and eye.  She even has little pants and socks with her boots.

She was reluctant to take everything off...

Finally convinced that only nice doll people will be looking.

She has a little pointy finger and is most definitely a little girl!

Her hair is a little straggly and dry - not overly impressed with her wig, but this should be easy to change once I know what size and sort of wig to get her.

She is a little blue round the eyes - could be her actually eyes that are causing this, I am not sure.

A cute little bottom!

Can I put my clothes back on now please?  Don't you know it is winter?!

She can pose quite, well - perhaps not as good, or rather to the extent of a Lati or Pukifee, but so far she seems to hold her pose quite well.  My Latis and Pukifees I found a little frustrating to pose and as they are so expensive, this also added to the frustration - I would rather have more limited pose-ability but poses that they will hold.

I had a chair ready and waiting for her which she is quite taken with.

More photos will come in due course as her personality becomes known.

So far I am very happy with her - she was a relatively cheap doll, if we ignore the horrid customs fees that we have to pay here in the UK.


  1. Hi Sereata, she's very cute and so is the outfit. It has so much detail! Customs fees are very high here in Belgium too, so I understand what you mean!

    1. It is crazy isn't it? Why us when other problems don't charge - especially with what is essentially a toy?!

  2. She's adorable, but that little bunny accessory is even more so - very cute! :)

    I'm always surprised when customs fees are added onto a low priced item - I once had Canada Customs charge more than one doll's total cost! I suspect they must have misread the paperwork on that one, but still... That's one thing I don't miss since moving to the US (no fees on toys and dolls is a nice regulation - although it does tempt me to buy more just in case we move again!).

    1. Isn't that little bunny so cute?! It is crazy adding the customs costs especially when the 'handling fee' is double the cost they are adding. It is real robbery!


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