Saturday, 9 January 2016

Peggy Sue goes shopping.

 (Photo courtesy of Sharlyn Fowler)

Yesterday Peggy Sue had her friend Addison come round for a visit.  The girls enjoyed catching up with each other and playing.  

Later on Peggy Sue got to visit My Doll Boutique which was very exciting.  

She waves hello from amidst the Grace Clones...

She was overwhelmed by the choice of clothes that you could try on.... she helped choose something for Jemima.  In the end she chose three items!  A pretty pink dress, a tartan dress and some reading glasses so that Jemima can read easier than she has been managing of late.  Peggy Sue was then allowed to choose something for herself. She chose a pink winter coat!

She could wait to try it out to see how warm it was!

The very next day....

Wrapped up warm Peggy Sue ventures out in her new pink coat.

She isn't out for long as it is cold out and looks like it is going to start raining again.

Hi, I am home!  


  1. My Doll Boutique must be a dream shopping experience for a doll!

  2. How lucky to be able to visit My Doll Boutique warehouse as they officially only sell online, it helps that you live nearby. Lovely coat Peggy Sue.

    1. Next time you come down if is a week day I'll have to take you there.

    2. that would be fun, thank you.


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