Saturday, 23 January 2016

A little sewing and knitting

It was such a miserable day yesterday that I decided to spend some time making Hazel a dress with the fabric she chose the other day.

It is an actual Bleuette pattern this time and she seems quite happy with it.


I've also been knitting in the evenings - just tiny items for my little Ai doll who I believe is going to be called Xanthe Phylica.

She seems especially taken by this dress!  Just love her cute little face.


  1. You are a fantastic knitter. I've never tried, but I do enjoy crochet? She looks very cute in her new dresses.

    1. Thank you - I enjoy knitting :-) I do it in the evenings, I find it helps take focus away from pain. I like to crochet as well, but that hurts me a lot so don't tend to do much anymore sadly.


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