Sunday, 10 January 2016

ADAD 2016 - January 10: Lucky & a Creative Sunday Afternoon.

My inspirational word for this year is going to be Creativity - with focus on creating for my dolls rather than buying any more! 

So on this sunny but very cold Sunday I decided to make a new dress for Hazel - who is also my focus doll of the month.  

Using a very soft and fine needle cord I made her a classic style dress.

She is very pleased with it.

She is feeling very lucky to have a new dress and it was perfect timing for the ADAD Challenge today which was - 10: Lucky

I think the cardigan I am knitting her on UK Size 16 needles (which seems to be taking ages!)  will match it well.


  1. Lucky Hazel, she does look lovely in her new dress. I love the fabric you used. .

  2. That's such sweet looking fabric and Hazel does looks like she knows she is lucky to have this new dress.


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