Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Double Vision?

Two girls in the snow 

Are we seeing double?

The look like they know each other that is for sure.

Aren't they cold in the snow?

Two Josefinas side by side one Pleasant Co., the other newer. 

Who is who?  Can you tell?

Side by side from the front - different coloured bodies

and from the back

Quite a difference in height!

I think one looks like an older sister - at first I thought they were twins, but no, not quite.


  1. Is the bigger one a Pleasant Co doll? You would think the newer dolls would be made smaller and therefore cheaper. Both are very pretty dolls anyway and I love the outfits.

  2. Actually, can i change my mind? I reckon the bigger girl is the newer one cos her top looks modern. Gee, I don't know.....which one is it?

    1. You should have kept with your original guess Lizzie! Yes the taller one is the older Pleasant Co. girl. She must have lost her blouse at some stage in her past.

      Quite a difference!

      With the Sasha dolls, it is generally the newer ones that are bigger.


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