Friday, 1 January 2016

A Doll A Day Photo Challenge - January 2016. 1: Black & White

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!

I am hoping to do 'A Doll A Day' photo challenge this year - although am only going to commit month by month.  I have unsuccessfully searched for such a group on Flickr and Ipernity but only found the 'Blythe a Day' groups and as I don't have a Blythe this is not really possible, plus I wouldn't want to commit to just one type of doll.  So I thought I would use the 'Photo a Day Challenge' prompts from 'Fatmumslim' blog which can be found here.

These can be interpreted any way and I was originally going to photography Hazel wearing black & white but my morning didn't go to plan and by the time I felt up to getting up it was too late to make something so I have settled for taking a photo of her stroking a 'black & white' dog - my model I painted of our dog Percy.


  1. Good challenge to try. Your black and white dog looks like it doesn't mind being stroked by Hazel.

  2. What an awesome challenge! I can't wait to watch for all of your wonderful new pictures every day!!!

    1. Thank you Lisa, I think it should be fun!

  3. I always love seeing people take up blog challenges like this, so I'm looking forward to seeing your month of photos! Good luck!


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