Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Miss Dolly Schoenhut has a hair wash and a new dress.

In between washing and hanging out clothes I have been busy today making a pair of bloomers and a dress for my new girl.  She has also had her hair washed and then she sat in the sunshine while it dried.  Yes we have had lovely sunshine today!  Her human hair wig is nailed on so I carefully washed and conditioned it with a towel wrapped round the rest of her body.  I also gave her body a good wipe over.  There was some hair loss and it is a little sparse in places, but it is so lovely, soft and shiny now it looks and feels so much better and an awful lot cleaner!  The water was very murky indeed!

These will tide her over until I make her an underwear set like she would have worn in the early 1900s.  Certainly she will need some pantaloons as well for the colder weather.  These were made with some scraps I had been given at my quilting group by one of the ladies that goes there.  I have been given various scraps of lace, buttons and fabric and the dress is also made with fabric I have been given.

I wasn't sure how pink would look on her, or how this linen fabric would hang, but overall it is not too bad.

Oops, before I found her a longer pair of stockings.

I ended up making two belts as the first didn't fit, despite me measuring!  Not sure what went wrong there.

I washed her hair and she sat in the sun while it dried.  I finished it off with a light go over with the hair dryer.

Her hair has a lovely 'natural' wave to it.

I just need to find or make some shoes for her now.

She sits down to give her little doll a hug.

Okay, so not necessarily the prettiest doll, but I really love her.

I asked my younger son (15 year old on autistic spectrum) what I should name her yesterday.  He often has the knack of coming up with some really good names.  He thinks she should be called Anne-Marie.

So...Annie Marie

I am not sure yet, will have to see if it fits her, or if she tells me it is something else.

Oh another thing I observed about her yesterday is that her hands seem a little small for her proportions.  However I love the way she can pose and I am starting to see what she can do.


  1. She looks really lovely Lorraine. You have made her a beautiful dress and so quickly too! I think Anne Marie suits her but she may not think so!

  2. She looks so happy to be fresh and clean. She knows she is loved! Her hair looks like she has some red in it. So pretty! I think she is beautiful! Great job!


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