Friday, 28 September 2012

That is far too short young lady!

My sweet little red haired Natterer girl has borrowed one a skirt from the Sasha girls as the poor thing only has a couple of dresses of her own and nothing for winter.  I've explained it is okay for inside, but she is NOT wearing it out! 

Having dressed almost all of  my Sasha girls in the Autumn/Winter clothes today has made me aware of what is still needed.  Two of the Sasha girls are currently still in their summer dresses telling me how cold it is so I am beginning a list of clothes I need to make.  Some of the Sasha girls and what they chose to wear can be seen here.

Two Autumn/Winter dresses, one each for Victoria & Monica (Sasha)

Autumn/Winter dress and/or leggings for Natterer girl - poor thing STILL doesn't have a name!

I am still working on a wardrobe for sweet Annemarie.  I have currently knitted one leg of woollen leggings and have started the second leg.  

Some more winter dresses for the Hitty girls.

I haven't even started on the boys yet, although I do think most of those will be okay.

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  1. She is adorable! Yes, just a tad too short, but still very cute. She reminds me of the Natterer I made into a redhead.
    I was asked/harrassed/badgered repeatedly if I would be willing to let someone adopt her, and I finally gave in, and wish I hadn't. This person adopted both of my Natties and I hope to one day replace my pretty redhead. I didn't realize how attached to the redhead I was. I haven't regretted too many dolly adoptions, but the Natterers are special.


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