Thursday, 27 September 2012

Some more sewing...

Thursday's is my quilting group day and although I have several quilts on the go, they are all waiting for either backing fabric, or for me to decided just how they are going to be quilted so I really don't want to start another until these are finished so it was a day for some more sewing!  

Anne Marie had another little dress made for her, which I will need to photograph in proper daylight, it was obviously too late in the afternoon by the time I got home for the photos to come out showing the colours and lace of the edgings.

I thought I would make her a little play dress that she could also wear her hooded sweater with on chillier days.

She seems quite pleased with it.

Quite some time ago a lady from my quilting group requested I make some clothes for her antique bisque doll.  I initially made some underwear and a dress...and then she sat there patiently waiting.  Well as I still had some fabric left over from the little pink dress I made the other day, I thought I would make one for her. I was also able to do some improvements to the way it did up at the back which I am much happier with.  I only managed to get the one photo before she was whisked off to be put out of the way.

She has such a pretty face and has been in the family for many years from new.

The clothes I made for her last year are shown below:

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  1. Lovely dresses for both dolls! I'm sure Anne Marie must feel so spoiled and loved.

    Your friend's doll is so pretty and I love the photos of her sitting on the old sewing machine. So nostalgic!


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