Saturday, 29 September 2012

Jacob & Percival try some clothes on

While I have been busy sorting and photographing more dolls to sell, Jacob and Percival have been rummaging around in the clothes pile to see if anything was suitable and fit them.

Jacob tried on this little jacket that must have come with a doll at some stage.

He likes that it has a pocket and doesn't mind that it does up the 'wrong' way

However....he seemed quite taken with a snazzy jumper

and enjoyed practising some 'cool' poses...

Percival on the other hand didn't have such luck, although he seems to be quite content with what he found to keep him warm...

He said it adds to his 'professor' look and will help him think.  Hmmmm......

A little while later I can hear a tap, tap, tap on the typewriter.  I seems he might be typing up one of his stories.  He is completely oblivious to Topsy and Turvy eyeing up his hair, amazed that it is so similar to theirs!


  1. This is like playing "dress-up" and looks fun. I love how Percival's hair is being styled by the trolls.


  2. How cute! Looks like both have found some keepers.


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