Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A new sweater and a pink rabbit

A couple of evenings ago I started knitting from one of my vintage patterns, thinking that the hooded sweater would probably be for either an American Girl doll, or a Kidz n Cats doll.  However, when I finished it today Annie had other ideas and wanted to try it on.  I'm not sure it really matches her dress, but it fits well and will definitely keep her warmer as it really is starting to cool down quite a lot!

She also discovered a little pink rabbit in the toy box that matches her dress perfectly and asked if she could have it.  Of course you can my  dear.

It was a lovely sweater to knit and the flecks in the wool added a little bit of interest.

I love this photo, she looks so taken with her 'new' rabbit.

Next to make is a pair of shoes for her!


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  2. It's beautiful! You are very talented! Annie is so sweet. She looks very smitten with her new bunny.


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