Sunday, 30 September 2012

An outfit for Chrissy and a little childhood doll

Last night I finally finished the little Bolero to go with Chrissy's blue speckled skirt.

This King Cole wool is so lovely to knit with and is lovely and soft.

The skirt could have been a bit bigger...for some reason it knitted up smaller than usual.  Wondering if I missed out a few stitches and rows...but Chrissy likes it all the same.  I just told her she will have to stop eating so many pastries in the evening!

Lastly a little picture of one of the very few items I have from my early childhood before emigrating to NZ with my family.

A little Perfekta doll.  This little doll has been all around the world and also had pen drawn all over her face at one stage from my little sister.  Fortunately my mum was able to rescue her!  Most of my dolls and teddies I had to give away leave behind, but I guess she was small enough to come with us.

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  1. Chrissy's outfit is cute! And your little Prrfekta doll is too! I don't have much of anything from my childhood, except memories.


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