Friday, 21 September 2012

Making List...

I can't upload any photos at the moment as my computer is being borrowed, so instead I thought I might make a list of items I would like to make for various dolls and characters.  I will revisit this list and mark up when things have been completed, or I think of other characters/dolls that need outfits.

Topsy & Turvey (Dam Trolls) - matching outfits for Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.  It seems to make sense to start with Autumn.

Jacob (Littlefee) - knitted jumper for Autumn/Winter and woolly hat.

Percival (Hujoo) - trousers, shirt & jumper for Autumn/Winter.

KnC Boys - Trousers, shirt & sweater for autumn/winter

Chrissy (AG) - Autumn/Winter outfit.

Bernard (Teddy) - winter scarf.

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  1. Sounds like a great idea. Clothing & accessories always stretch the dun with dolls.


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