Saturday, 21 September 2013

A warm day, strong arms and a walk in the sunshine

Peggy Sue is feeling very happy as she can now hold her hands up whenever she wants.  Before they used to flop down, but with a bit of leather cut to the shape of her 'armholes' this has made them more firm so they no longer fall down.  She feels like she is a new girl!

She couldn't help but dance around in glee...

It's a good thing that today has been mild! I really must get on with knitting her vest.

Later on she was found outside in the garden with her pram

She does enjoy taking her friends for a walk.

The day was just perfect for it.  In her pram she has Little Owen, Violet and Alice her rag dog snuggled in the back.

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  1. Yay! I know she must feel better to have regained the strength in her arms. She looks adorable in her outfit and her pram is so nice. I have been buying prams for my girls. Vonnie's is about the right size, but the second one I bought is a bit large. I think Charity & Bea will manage though. I actually bought three, but my granddaughter loves them so much that I gave her first choice of them. So I will buy another yet. :o)


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