Saturday, 21 September 2013

An Autumn Inspired Outfit.

Joining in with an Autumn Inspired KAL on Ravelry resulted in my lovely redhead Gotz girl finally getting a warmer outfit AND a name.  Goodness knows she has been with me long enough, must be about two years I would think and she has only had one summer dress and no name all this time!

So what is her name?  Well it just had to be Autumn, with that gorgeous auburn hair.

I used a combination of two patterns to make her cardigan and added length to the sleeves as I wanted them to be long sleeves. 

Of course a girl needs a hat as well.

I added extra stripes to tie in the colours of the cardigan.

I very nearly sold this girl when I sold all my Gotz dolls, but changed my mind.  I am so glad I did, there is something about her little face that appeals.  


  1. Oh, Lorraine- I have one of these girls too. her hair is a more coppery red and I love her to bits. She has been with me for years now and I've been wondering about what colours would be suitable - she came in pink, but I don't like it much. Now I know what to try with her. Thank you!
    The autumnal buttons are a wonderful touch.

    1. How wonderful! She is really lovely isn't she? Have fun dressing your girl.

  2. She is beautiful and so is her lovely outfit! I have always loved these dolls.


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