Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Some little knitting

Every now and again I make some clothes for a friends little cabbage patch doll 'Twinny'.

Now Twinny's Twin went missing so I hadn't been able to make anything for a while...so in the end I had to let her know what had happened and could I borrow another little doll `(Twinny's Twin's Twin) as a model.  I said to her that once I had a replacement the original would probably turn up when I wasn't looking for her, and what do you know Twinny's Twin (TT) turned up the very next day!  I did this little photograph story scene for her.

Having overdone things somewhat the last three days I had a quiet day today doing some knitting.

The pattern I used was for a Mini AG doll, but I thought it would fit the little cabbage patch dolls as a maxi dress and I think it is a good fit.  For fun I tried it on four different dolls.

First up here it is on TTT.

Next TT tried it on.

Pukifee Bonnie wanted to try it on, but it really was too big for her.

Mini Saige also tried it on as it was a dress originally for a mini AG doll after all.

A little mosaic.

On a roll I then knitted another.

TTT looks very happy with it.

Again modelled by Saige who is hoping to get the next dress!

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  1. Hi Serenata. If this is what happens on a "quiet day", I'd love to see the results of a busy day! Your TT & TTT story is adorable as are the little dresses. As usual, your Holidays with Henry is well done and sweet. I love following the little boys. I hope you have another peaceful, enjoyable day.


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