Friday, 27 September 2013

Friday Frolics.

We went down to Southampton today to pick up the Sailor so Peggy Sue came along for the ride and insisting on dressing up for the occasion...

I don't know whether anyone noticed...but Peggy Sue eventually told me that she is really a brown eyed girl and the other week she underwent face surgery yet again... whilst it isn't perfect... I  am finally accepting I will never paint her to be how I imagine her face to be... I am much happier with her look now - to me it is more 'her'.  She still looks a little cross eyed at times, but hey none of us are perfect!

My little Thomas (Tommy) is enjoying his skateboard with his teddy Stevie (subject to name change)

Autumn wanted to show off her dress without her cardigan on.

Finally I had some 1.5 mm knitting needles arrive in the post yesterday so I was able to knit yet another of these little dresses.  The skirt was knitted on 2 mm needles and the bodice on the 1.5 mm needles, resulting in a much better fit which I am happier with.

Little Bonnie blows a kiss.

She could really do with some shoes!




  1. I just love that pic of Monkey! Great knitting too! I can't imagine knitting on such small needles.

  2. Autumn has a very realistic pretty...I love all your little knitted dresses as well....blessings


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