Thursday, 12 September 2013

Jacob & Monkey

Jacob doesn't get much play time and has been somewhat forgotten about over the last few months, just hanging about on the book shelf.  Still he had plenty to read though.

He was surprised to see all the apples on the apple tree today and is showing me a large apple he would like to eat.

He is noticing the changes in the leaves...

...and sits down to have a think about all that is happening around him

Monkey Days:

7/30....Well are we going yet?


  1. Jacob is very sweet. Monkey is adorable too!

  2. Oh dear - another thing that won't load for me! What am I doing wrong? Can't see most of the photos but glad to see Jacob - his curious little face is so sweet and he's a favourite of mine. Who made him?
    J xx

    1. Oh dear, not sure why the photos won't load :-( Jacob is a Fairyland LittleFee Bisou I think you call him. Does that make sense?


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