Thursday, 19 September 2013

Peggy Sue tells Little Owen about School.

Peggy Sue is telling Little Owen all about her first few days at school

Owen listens attentively, asking the odd question.

'So your teacher is a PIG?  AND she is PINK?'  He asks incredulously!

Well yes she is, funny though, you forget about it after a while... Peggy Sue tells Little Owen.

She does lots of singing in class as well.  Sometimes it is good, but sometimes it is a little annoying.

She goes like this....La la, di dah di dah, la la laaaaaa  We have to be careful not to giggle or hold our hands over our ears, even though sometimes I want to.

Oh and you will never guess!  Peggy Sue says to Owen.

What?  Asks Little Owen.

Miss Prim is a teacher!  Gasps Peggy Sue excitedly.

You're kidding!  Owen replies...

I kid you not!  She is our Needlework and Eti..Etiquiet I mean Etiquette teacher!  Peggy Sue imparts this news with relish!

She's not so bad at school though...better than her being home here with us.

That is for sure, thinks Owen to himself.

It is nice being home with you.  You understand me, sighs Peggy Sue.

You can read about Peggy Sue's adventures at the Schoenhut School of the Arts here.


A couple of colour pictures.


  1. Her knitted dress is glorious. I am glad little Owen is able to spend time with Peggy Sue. Lucky it isn't a boarding school!

  2. Sounds like school is keeping Peggy Sue quite busy. I hope she is enjoying it.


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