Friday, 20 September 2013

Preparing Peggy Sue's Wardrobe for Autumn/Winter

In February of this year I wrote a post on Peggy Sue's wardrobe and what she has to wear.

While her summer clothes has been added to, her winter wardrobe remains much the same.

Essential for the cold days this purple winter hat and coat is just perfect and a favourite of Peggy Sue's.  I think it might be quite nice to add mittens and a scarf to this.

A purple knit dress which looks great under the coat.

A favourite of Peggy Sue's (and mine!) is this lovely knitted dress.  I would quite like to make another of these in another colour scheme.

Blue & Grey striped linen dress which matches one that Anne-Marie has.

Floral dress - Peggy Sue and I have both reached the same conclusion that we don't like this one on her so it will go.

Laura Ashley Needle cord dress (originally made for Sasha) A dress for 'good' with its little matching broach.

Hooded cardigan that can be used with the dress above.

Grey dress - can change the ribbons on this.

Poncho to go with the grey dress - must add tassels to this,

Two cardigans.  The blue goes with her school uniform and would also go with her grey dress.  

The red will go with her grey dress.

Not photographed are her tights - black, white and multicoloured stripes.  
Three pairs of shoes, black, cream and purple.

I think Peggy Sue is almost set for the colder months that seem to be upon us already!

What I would like to make to complete her Autumn/Winter wardrobe is:

Scarf & Mittens
Undergarments - panties and vest
Play clothes - trousers or dungarees with a long sleeve top.
A long sleeve knitted dress
A long sleeve cotton dress to replace the brown floral dress
Add tassels to poncho.


  1. Her wardrobe is far smarter than mine!

  2. Wow! Peggy Sue's wardrobe is wonderful! I have seen most of these, but never realized how many wonderful dresses she has. Awesome!

  3. Oh my, how talented you are...the clothes are all wonderful. I wish I could sew. I have so many dolls that need new clothes....and my granddaughter would love some for her doll as well....woe is me :) Blessings friend.


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